About Vejen Municipality

The food sector is strong

  • 1/3 of the business sector in Vejen Municipality is agriculture, many companies within the food industry has grown from this.
  • More are comming due to the low costs in the municipality and the central location in the triangle region - right by the motorway. 

A concentration of food industry

Half of the biggest companies in the municipality are in the food industry, among others three meat processing plants. The entire value chain from farm to fork is represented among the companies based in the municipality.

  • Food producers like Grønvang Margarinefabrik and the meat processing plants, such as Danish Crown whom recently built a large new cattle slaughterhouse right by the motorway in Holsted
  • Storage companies such as COOP Dry Goods Storagecenter and AgriNorcold, who've built the largest cold storage unit in Nothern Europe here 
  • Logistic companies as SPF, the worlds largest transporter of live pigs
  • Support industry like Styropack who manufactures packaging for -among others- the food industry
  • Knowledge-based companies such as the labs at Force Technology and Eurofins, a global company who just gathered all their Danish labs in the municipality, including the ones serving the food industry

Experienced and stabil workforce 

  • 1/4 of the workforce in the municipality has experience from the food industry

Municipal know how

Within recent years Vejen municipality has gotten a certain degree of know-how regarding planning for food production companies, such as the new slaughterhouse for Danish Crown and the extension of the labs for Eurofins. This means that we can offer an efficient and competent case handling regarding planning for the food industry