Erfaren arbejdskraft i Vejen kommune

Stable manpower - naturally

Vejen Municipality is a rural municipality with strong traditions within craft and agriculture. Our roots also influence the people who live here. They take pride in doing a job well, working hard and fending for themselves - and living a full life with active participation in the rich and varied opportunities for sports and other social activities. They therefore make extremely loyal and stable employees for businesses in the municipality - and Vejen municipality has relatively low unemployment as result.

Attracting qualified manpower

Getting to and from Vejen is easy, and it's therefore easy to attract qualified employees who live elsewhere in the country. This is reflected in the fact that 6000 people commute to the municipality each day while 8000 commute from the municipality. Commuting by car is easy thanks to the motorway, and there are good rail links to Vejen.



Local manpower

Industrial estates are primarily located on the outskirts of the towns, which also provide good opportunities for shopping and cultural activities. About 43,000 people live in Vejen Municipality. Many choose to live here because of their jobs, to be close to family and friends and, not least, to enjoy the benefits of country life.

Many families with children live here, and the municipality offers good child-care services. Most people live in owner-occupied homes, and the majority live in the picturesque rural districts, where they can also lead an active outdoor life. There are many skilled and unskilled workers among the municipality's residents, and many choose to work close to home.