Good, stable utilities - naturally

Good and stable utilities are a precondition for running a competitive business - and they are something we can provide.

In Vejen Municipality, we've gone for ultra-high-speed broadband. In fact, we have the best internet coverage in Denmark. The free market determines its price, and the price of electricity and heating. We have plenty of groundwater - and offer competitive prices for processing wastewater and waste.

Denmark's best internet coverage

Vejen Municipality has the best internet coverage in Denmark thanks to high-speed fibre network. Main national cable lines run through the municipality, making it easy for businesses to obtain connections offering speed of, for example, 10 Gbit/s. Fibre network and broadband solutions are provided by Nianet (TRE-FOR and SE), Global Connect, TDC and others.


Wind power

Your business will never be short of electricity in Vejen Municipality. One possibility is to go for green energy from solar cells or wind turbines. Another possibility is to go for the cheapest price on the market - you are free to choose any electricity provider in Denmark. TRE-FOR and SE are responsible for connection to the power grid and ensure that stable electricity supplies are quickly available.

Natural gas, district heating or ...  

Heating can be provided for your business in the form of district heating, natural gas or some other individual solution. In urban areas, heating is usually provided from communal sources, either as district heating or natural gas. District heating is generally the cheapest form, but competitive prices can also be obtained for natural gas as there is free choice of supplier. District heating is provided by local district heating plants, while Naturgas Syd is responsible for connection to natural gas pipelines.

In some areas, it is possible to choose a customized solution, for example green energy in the form of geothermal or solar heating or oil or wood pellet fired boiler. Such solutions require authorization however.

Plenty of water

Vejen Municipality lies above considerable groundwater reserves, so we will never face a shortage of water. Vejen Utilities provides water in the town of Vejen. Elsewhere in the municipality, water is supplied by private waterworks. Individual waterworks can provide details of their prices and conditions.