Business services

Business agent
- a service for new enterprises

Vejen Municipality has appointed a business agent who can act as your contact in the municipality if you are considering establishing a business here. The business agent is based in Development & Business, a municipal department which strives constantly to promote business development and to create the best possible framework for our business community. 

The Business agent can help if you:

  • Want to move your business to the municipality
  • Want to establish a new branch of your business in the municipality
  • Plan to considerably expand your business in the municipality
  • Plan to move your business to a new locality in the municipality

- Business services and more

Development Vejen is where information and advice are communicated to companies and entrepreneurs in the municipality. Besides being responsible for the municipality's business services, they also provide specialist consulting services and advice on strategic business development and advice on almost any business challenge.

They have a broad network of highly qualified consultants, who can be asked for assistance to help individual firms make headway.

Members of the local business association are given access to participate in Development Vejen's member network together with some 450 other local firms. Development Vejen organizes a wide range of informative events and meetings and communicates relevant information to the local business community via its newsletter.

- A shortcut to new employees and competences

The municipal Jobcenter knows the local workforce, business community and training possibilities. The job center is therefore a good place to start for businesses looking for new staff. The job center is also a central partner when it comes to staff training.

Technical and Enviromental Department
- Competent case processing

Vejen Municipality's Technical and Environmental Department has experts who can help you if you plan to build or extend commercial premises. They have in-depth knowledge of what is possible and how it can be done. The Technical and Environmental Department will therefore be a central partner for you.